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About Us

He concept of “Roti, Kapda aur Makaan” is obsolete now. The new one is “FUN, FOOD & THRILL”. Crazy Town, with its tagline “FUN, FOOD & THRILL” is a place really dedicated to providing our youngsters a perfect place they need. Crazy town is the tricity’s pioneer in bringing the finger licking food, which everyone craves, and an addictive dose of thrill and adventure under a single roof. It’s the place you’ll never get full of. Enjoy as much as you want and you’ll end up still wanting more.At Crazy restaurant, you can have whatever your taste buds are crazy for. Indian, Chinese, Italian, just name it, we will serve you the best and you’ll always end up liking your fingers. And when you are full of energy after enjoying the scrumptious food, there is always a need to direct that energy somewhere productive. Well, we have the solution to this too. Crazy Town has the most exciting and thrilling escape rooms, The Crazy Escape, where the always excited teenagers and youngsters can put their brains on test. We also have the latest hi-tech games like bike rides, car racing, air hockey etc., where your kids can have a best time ever.

If you are planning a party, Crazy Town is the perfect destination. We have pre decorated world class party hall. And we would really enjoy serving you on your special occasion. In short, you have all the reasons to visit Tricity’s Craziest place ever. Crazy Town!!!




Shalini Goyal

Living in Chandigarh for almost two decades, I have seen a lot of growth in each sphere at an exponential rate. There have been diverse changes in the lifestyle of people, the way they party and go for get-togethers. The prospect of the party has changed and it is not only confined to women or middle-aged now. All the generations want to enjoy and go out for entertainment. There is no place in tricity where all age groups can have a gathering and celebration in one place.

Hence, I wanted to make a party place under one roof for all age groups, where kids, teenagers, adults and old aged people can have the fun-filled party. Crazytown aims to keep people’s moments always cherished in memories for long!

We have trained staff in all the spheres from housekeeping, managing Escape rooms, kids play zone area. Nevertheless, we have the best chef of our crazy foods to serve you delicious food in all cuisines.

Come and party here in the crazy town and live the experience of the lifetime!

With love,





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